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Wet conditions no match for the 'Clean-Up' team

It was a wet Saturday morning at 6:30 am, when our group of amazing Environmental Divers braved the conditions to help with the February Gold Coast Seaway Cleanup-Dive.

The day began with an inspiring pep-talk from George Manolis when he said, "What you are all doing with your clean-up efforts is amazing and you should all be very proud of what we are achieving. Congratulations and keep up the good work".

Dave 'Dingo', a long term member of the Environmental Divers team said, "Conditions weren't great, with visability around 3 metres and a strong current. But that didn't stop our awesome team of volunteers, as we got to work and removed the fishing line and all sorts of rubbish."

Dingo said, "Some of the items removed from the Seaway today included old cans, fishing lures, a fishing rod, plastic sheeting and rod holders".

The team finished the dive with a well-deserved breakfast, as the team sang happy birthday to Peter White. It was a huge effort by all of the team, who took the time to come and help out.

If you too are passionate about cleaner oceans, you can Support the clean-up of the Ocean and beaches in Queensland by supporting Environmental Divers

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