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The Trash Vortex, by Finn White.

Polluted waterways spilling into the ocean;

The great lungs of the earth choking;

Giant islands of floating rubbish migrating in the ocean currents;

Trillions of pieces of man-made waste floating on the surface;

Billions of microfibers deep in the sea whirling around like schools of plastic fish.

The great ocean is now a great rubbish dump;

A plastic graveyard in a watery wasteland;

The ocean life is being smothered by the toxic decay;

The sea birds are poisoned by their natural food source;

The food chain is polluted.

Consumers of the earth reconsider what you should do;

We must try to right this wrong;

We must take action, stop polluting and clean up;

We must fight to save our oceans;

We must stop water pollution now!

“The Trash Vortex” is a free verse poem by Finn White, a year 7 student who is passionate and active in helping to clean up our waterways and oceans.

Explaining his meaning of the poem, Finn said "My poem is about water pollution and the trash vortex is like a big island of floating garbage. The reason I wanted to write about this, is because of all the ocean life and birds being impacted by all the garbage ending up in the water."

"I used personification, simile, metaphor, imagery, and repetition language features in my poem as I think these styles are effective in making the audience see and feel more about the problem. My protest poem is important, because of the impact the water pollution has on the ocean and birdlife and on everyone" explained Finn.

If you too are passionate 'consumer of the earth' like Finn, you can help by supporting Environmental Divers.

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