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Green Island Clean Up: 646kg debris incl 6 tyres, 80 shoes, 247 lids, 792 polystyrenes, 2046 drinks!

Environmental Divers was proud to lend our support at the Green Island Clean Up on September 15 2019, in support of Ocean Crusaders, 173 people removed 646kg of debris including 6 tyres, 80 shoes, 247 lids, 792 polystyrene items and 2,046 beverage containers.

Environmental Divers at Green Island Clean-Up

An epic day with amazing people giving back to the environment. Green Island is so beautiful and it is heartbreaking to see the mangroves and the bush strewn with plastic bottles, polystyrene, plastic bags and general rubbish. Lots of children helped with the cleanup which is a good start to a brighter future.

The volunteers managed to remove 646kg from Green Island, which is fantastic for two reasons. First of all, it is a huge number. Secondly, it is way down on last year but that's because the rubbish isn't coming back. The entire circumference has been cleaned this year and hence next year, we really only have to clean new rubbish and old nets from the flats that get exposed at low tide.

Thanks again to everyone who was involved. Together we've cleaned Green Island. Ocean Crusaders, Environmental Divers, Bayside Creeks Catchment Group, Joan Pease MP, Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre, Cat O' Nine Tales, SeaWorld Research and Rescue Foundation, Construction People.

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