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A social enterprise for people who are passionate about cleaning rubbish from our waterways, beaches & ocean.

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Our Commitment


By collecting debris and rubbish from our beaches, waterways and ocean, our aim is to minimise the impact on our endangered Moreton Bay turtle species, dugong, fish, marine mammals and birdlife.


Our land-based volunteers collect rubbish from our beaches, mangroves and parklands and our team of divers collect rubbish from below and above the water.  Without our teams of rubbish collectors, the impact on our wildlife is plastic ingestion and entanglement in fishing line & crab pots.

We believe in minimising our own waste and picking up the rubbish that others have discarded. As an action-based group, we believe in both education and the removal of rubbish already polluting our waterways. We are an agnostic, community-based association without any political affiliations or agenda. Please support our efforts at a cleanup event or making a donation.

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Environmental Divers, Key to Cleaner Oceans

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